Funded Application(new form) MRI Screening Scanning time record Subject Information Sheet for Clinical Trial Scan
    • MRIRC Documents:
      MRIRC billing policy.
      MRIRC Incidental Findings policy.
      MRIRC Safety policy.

    • The Center application form that needs to be filled out by the Principal Investigator and handed out to the Center technical director, at least three weeks before the beginning of the study. This document will be reviewed by the Center Committee, and needs to be approved before you can start scanning any participant. For details of requesting scanner time, please follow the link Get Started.
    • The MRI screening form that needs to be filled out by study participants before they come to the Center. This form will be handed out to the MRI technologist who will review it and make the decision to include the participants in the study.Subjects who have injuries to the eye involving metal objects or fragments and who have an occupational history of working in areas where such injuries may occur are required to have an extra X-ray of their skull/orbits to comfirm that no metallic foreign bodies are present prior to having MRI scans.